Division Roleplay Rules

Driving rules

-Stay on your lane and pay attention to the signs and speed restrictions

-Turn off your map and names over players. (HUD)

-It is allowed to overtake in a Convoy, but only if the lane markings allow it (Only overtake with dashed line)

-When you hear a police siren you drive to the edge of the lane to facilitate the overhaul of the police vehicle.

-In Case of an Accident it is not allowed to run and you need to call the police. The Police will inform an Ambulance and an Tow Truck when it is needed.

-Police and Ambulance vehicles have priority on the road 


-To earn money you need a job. You can choose one from the list when you register the first time to the Roleplay.

-For example, as a player you can be a mechanic and set up your own store, but this one has to be paid and if you have employees, they too.

-Each player gets a salary for his job, which is paid every hour.

-To increase the salary, you have to roleplay your job regularly.

-The more often you do your job, the more salary you get.


-Cars can only be bought in the dealership. The auction house is not allowed.

-X Class cars are not allowed and are immediately fed by the police. A motor and drivetrain swap is not allowed.

-The police can seize cars and release them only after paying a fine.

-This penalty costs 25% of the original price of the car.

-When you only have 1 Car and it gets impounded and you cant pay the fine, your bank account will go into Minus.


-The upgrade package costs 50,000 € and includes all upgrades.

-There is also the Upgrade Lite package which includes Suspension, Tires, Brakes and new Wheels. Its costs € 20,000

-When someone bought the Lite Package, and want to get the full Upgrade Package he has to pay 30.000€


-The police is on patrol during the Roleplay, when a Police officer gives you an Signal to pull over ( Siren or Chat ) , it is necessary to park in a safe place.

-After that the Officer will inform you why you were stopped.

Please carry your license and car registration with you and make sure that your car is suitable for driving. (Roleplay it)

-You are allowed to escape a police stop, but if it happens too often you will be warned by the police and if you continue to do so you will be expelled from the session

-The police are entitled to confiscate a player’s car if it has been noticed by unsafe driving.

-Always be respectful to a Police Officer

How to sell your Car ?

-The car bought at the dealership can be sold back to the dealership for half of the original price, but then any upgrades made to the car are not funded.

-It is also possible to sell the car to a player, the price is set by the players themselves, with such a player to player sale all upgrades to the car remain and do not disappear.

Garage Spaces

-At the beginning you get 2 garages places free of charge.

-Then you have to look for a garage you want to buy.

-The garage can only be bought by one person, it is not possible to share the price.

-A resale of the garage space to other players is possible.

-Vehicles of your job don’t take up garage spaces

Houses & Garages

-First House needs to be a Small one and will be only 50k Credits. The Second priced without Discount.

-Houses which got bought can only be sold to other players. With the Sell you loose the posession and the garage spaces.


-Small House / Apartment With the Purchase every Player unlocks 2 extra

-Garage Spaces 100.000 CR

-Middle Sized House With the Purchase every Player unlocks 3 Garage Spaces 250.000CR

-Big Sized House || With the Purchase every Player unlocks 5 Garage Spaces 500.000CR